Free Healing SEO Syntropy Effect Sound Online Now

The materials of the Syntropy Effect Optimizer are used to create the sound. The main goal is to optimize data access of information that the body uses to maintain life. It is counter-intuitive, but the more chaos and random information the cells have access to, the more likely it is for transformations to be made that stabilize function. If the data is limited in any system it will limit and restrict the function and adaptability. A vast array of frequency choices offers a higher level of information availability. Each ingredient of the mixture has its own properties and signaling effects.

Within microseconds, most biochemical reactions in the body are driven by enzymes and genetic changes. These shifts require subtle electrical changes for a cascading signaling effect. The goal is to cancel abnormal and disruptive information that is preventing efficient transfer of energy within the finer biological structures. The sound is created by pressure and release, crystal catalysts, geometries of movement, water, breath dynamics and other variables.

The SEO Sound is designed as a ‘One Size Fits All‘ system. Everything physical, mental and emotional is processed through finer geometries and structures. ‘Life’ evolves and is ‘built’ within patterns and proto morphic fields of the universe. Spiraling movements and sound assist to allow distorted patterns a ‘place’ to leave by offering a smorgasbord of information to resonate to. The premise is that this helps restore patterns of vitality already existing in the finer biological structures. It would be similar to a radio accessing a clearer signal without all the static noise. Healing properties of tissue require frequency and information access. The SEO Sound is a PRT (Personal Research Tool) that simply helps to optimize data transfer in a domain and language that the body readily recognizes.

To use, play the sound directly over the affected area of pain or tissue damage from trauma or surgery. Use the ‘speaker’ phone mode if using a cell phone. The sound may be played in a room for an overall balancing effect. People often report warmth, tingling and greater levels of comfort. This is offered for experimental personal research only, and no claims are made.

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