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Quantum Pharmacist, Rick Olson author of Woo 2 Wow introduces experimental research that is counter-intuitive to traditional medicine and science.

Imagine a model that could include use of a simple device, playing a sound, or a mind technique that eliminates pain from arthritis and many other inflammatory conditions, returns feeling and restores normal healthy tissue dynamics and function to tissues that have surgical damage or trauma.

The Quantum Pharmacist Rick Olson syntropy zone
“The human body is a quantum machine that translates subtle energy of the universe into an elegant living system.” Rick Olson, The Quantum Pharmacist.

Woo is a derogatory and dismissive term referring to beliefs, quackery or pseudo-science nonsense. In Woo 2 Wow Rick Olson explores many modalities, which most in traditional science would place within the category of ‘Woo’.

He started a research project 20 years ago with a personal goal to gain a better understanding of the how and why of woo and the placebo effect. Why do millions of people have lasting results that do not fit or comply with the usual definition of placebo effect? The “placebo effect did it” has many similarities to the ‘goddidit’ fallacy.

Placebo research is an undertaking into largely unknown territory where much is yet to be discovered.

Claiming placebo effect is often the easy way out. The I-don’t-know-what-did-it or the placebo effect is an easy way to dismiss some unexplainable positive evidence. Often there is evidence that is not plausible so it is easier to dismiss it as classical placebo. Usually there’s no further proper scientific investigation beyond this, even though people are deriving positive results and benefits that do not fit the present medical understanding.

Placebo Effect Or Syntropy Effect?

Placebo might be your primary reaction to such a claim, yet Quantum Pharmacist Olson freely demonstrates outcomes that are beyond impressive (exceeding the results from traditional medical therapeutic treatment models) and were discovered by accident (See Bio and videos).

Entropy is a measure of disorder in a system containing energy or information. In biology entropy is increased disorder which is part of the inflammation, disease and aging process. The negative entropy also known as negentropy or syntropy of a living system lies at the intersection of entropy and life. The living system relies on syntropy to help keep order and information at a higher level to maintain health. The SYNTROPY ZONE is where information order is enhanced as a biological system attempts to maintain a high quality of life.

The ‘syntropy effect’ is a tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life. Woo 2 Wow reveals methods that not only optimize the syntropy effect but also validate and objectively measure the quantum syntropic effects in the body. Before and after changes that helped normalize and restore tissue dynamics and function are easily measurable.

Quantum biology is a synthesis of quantum physics and biology and involves quantum qualities of entanglement and superposition. What is often dismissed as ‘Quantum Woo’ is what is being researched in quantum biology. Quantum effects of entanglement and superposition have been discovered in photosynthesis, the navigation of birds and in quantum tunneling that occurs with enzymes. Enzymes and genetics are responsible for almost all biochemical reactions to maintain life.

Woo 2 Wow explores how the syntropy effect has its most dominant influence on how enzymes quickly catalyze all chemical reactions of the body. Using simple materials, sounds or the mind can trigger very subtle electrical changes that can activate a cascade of enzymatic reactions. These reactions are what is responsible for the cellular and tissue changes that take place and can be measured in seconds. The quantum tunneling of enzyme reactions can be activated by these means.

Olson was a pharmacist who believes he has discovered how to apply a quantum effect that can be demonstrated by using physical materials or the human mind. These subtle changes can alter and enhance quality of life dramatically and quickly. Results often seen in minutes (and often within seconds). He realized the controversy around such claims, being a skeptic himself, and welcomes transparent investigative research and challenges. He has seen this happen with thousands of people before feeling confident enough to introduce it to the world at large. “I have an idea how this might work… somebody please tell me how this is possible,” says Olson.

Rick Olson has a collection of over 2,000 videos of live demonstrations and testimonials of these outcomes. Medically trained, he realized that most of these effects are labeled as placebo effect and anecdotal; therefore not to be taken seriously and easily dismissed. Even so, people continue to report long-term positive outcomes that do not fit the typical explanation of placebo effect which is a short-term, transient, ‘all in your head’ result.

Even though many of the methods in his research looked ridiculous, the outcomes were, and are, consistently very positive. So Olson wanted to get a better scientific understanding about what is happening here (like the song, “Something’s happening here and what it is ain’t exactly clear…”) in this place we call the Syntropy ZoneTM.

Skeptics might be quick to claim placebo or scam, but Olson has been helping thousands at no charge while documenting results using tests based on testimonial and simple scientific evaluation. Thousands of examples, all captured live on candid video, demonstrating relief from pain, neuropathy, arthritis, post-operative numbness/adhesions/sensitivity, COPD, trauma and many more.

No stages, no props… except the Syntropy ZoneTM PRT (Personal Research Tools). The most common interjection by those experiencing the results is an immediate, “WOW!” Therefore, WOO 2 WOW – When its not supposed to… WORKS!

All will be explained in explicit detail; including how to conduct personal research, discovery and obtain simple materials readily  available. One chapter describes how to use materials that you can get from your local dollar store.

Author Rick Olson is releasing the healing secrets that he has discovered over twenty years of research and development. The results based on quantifiable proof using medical instrumentation demonstrates tangible and measurable changes beyond placebo effect. This effect being the syntropy effect, a quantum physiological shift that can be accessed by using the Syntropy ZoneTM PRT (Personal Research Tools) or using the mind – that some also define as a quantum instrument.

We challenge you to contact us with your questions and/or comments. Rick Olson is transparent, available for interviews and guest appearances and encourages both believers and skeptics to inquire. Live demonstrations can be conducted in front of audiences, over radio and TV. Syntropy ZoneTM offers seminars, books, DVDs and CDs to promote ways to easily enhance your health and quality of life.

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